3D Machine Vision and Design Automation for the Orthotics and Prosthetics Industry

Revolutionise your custom design process using 3D scanning, intelligent machine vision, automatic design and 3D manufacture. Built on the Taika Create design engine, our solutions are customised to each client’s products and processes to dramatically improve accuracy, consistency and speed of design.

Our Service

Taika3D was born out of the challenge to create complex custom designs in a fast and consistent way. The technology has been used to allow Orthotic and Prosthetic Laboratories to employ the design freedom of 3D print for mass customisation.

But the applications do not stop there. The technology can be used to automate 3D design for milled products, for modular product creation and even for accurate matching and modification of standard devices.

  • Reduce design time by 95%+
  • Protect the knowhow and skills of your team
  • Reduce errors and returns
  • Create a scalable production system
  • Realtime design review
  • Consistent designs for complex challenges
  • Simplify your process
  • Open up the power of 3D print


1 Taika Capture
Digital capture of shape, colour and prescription needs

2 Taika Create
Automatically create 3D models in seconds

3 Taika Make
Help whenever you are making individual items

1 Taika Capture

Taika Capture is a fully customised application for professional scanning, whatever your clinical approach. It is fast, simple, stable and supports open file formats.

Capture 3D data of a body part including colour and prescription variables to integrate with your systems or direct to the Taika Create engine.

Build a unique clinical interface with our tools.Supports interactive order forms, user assistance and multiple products.

Scan body directly or use for capture of impressions, casts, vacuum and gel systems. Automated solutions also available for scanning in central fabrication setting.

Use with Taika Vision to automatically measure the anatomy and locate key landmarks for design. Integrate with Taika Create to visualise and approve the actual individual design in clinic, in seconds.

Taika Vision technology also supports input from a wide variety of 3D scanners.

2 Taika Create

Whether from Taika Capture or your own systems, input 3D data with individual product parameters and Taika Create will output a 3D file optimised for your production.

Create uses 3D data and user parameters with your own design knowhow to automatically create complex geometry fast and consistently. The ruleset is unique to your business and used to create products which fit your philosophy and branding.

Directly model from anatomical surfaces, automatically select and scale templates or create a hybrid of the two, even incorporating standard components. You know your products and the choice is yours!

Integrate with your order management and production systems.

Our team understands the complexity of the industry - working with a wide variety of products, clinical philosophies, unusual anatomy, (strange requests) and distributed services. Our tools and services are built to be powerful and flexible to help you deliver for your customers.

3 Taika Make

Taika3D can be used wherever you are manufacturing individual items. This is true whether they need 3D solids (e.g. for 3D printing and direct milling), 3D surfaces (for milling or for drape processes) or even 2D shapes derived from complex 3D shapes.

We can advise on selecting equipment for in-house production or provide access to our network of assured 3D print bureaux.

If your volumes are small initially we can help you aggregate demand to access good prices and service levels.


Scale your business

Reduce costs

Automated design for complex, differentiated products

Consistent high quality

Open architecture and process integration

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